OpenRestitution.Africa is a collaborative project between Andani Africa and African Digital Heritage on restitution. wishes to thank Molemo Moiloa and Chao Tayiana for this presentation of selected dialogues.

The Open Restitution Project is an Africa-led project seeking to open up access to information on restitution of African material culture and human ancestors, to empower all stakeholders involved to make knowledge-based decisions. The project will gather data on current restitution processes across the African continent,  serve as a portal of case studies and best practice examples, and encourage a data-informed, in-depth and challenging debate on the complexities, responsibilities and ethical imperatives of restitution.

Open Restitution Africa Webinar with Dr Njoki Ngumi

Open Restitution Africa Webinar with El Hadji Malick Ndiaye

Restitution Dialogues meets Object Movement Dialogues:
Actions on Object Return in Africa