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Vortrag zu Contact Point for Collections from Colonial Contexts

Thank you so much, and first of all congratulations to you, to Andreas Hilger and all your team for having built up not only the contact point, but also this important conference today. And with your allowance I would just slip through 7 slides to show what we aim at and what we did not reach what you have already reached. So to put it in a nutshell: The focal point is a tremendous success for the coordination of cultural policies within Germany regarding to the colonial past, and we aim on the basis of the coalition treaty, so on the enhancement of international cooperation of the German Museums to build up an agency which might be an interface for international requests related to the construction and the conception of museums. We want to bundle the competences in our country also on the exhibition side, wherever it is needed, and to provide service to the German museums, which are not always in a capacity to drive important ambitious international projects. And for that we adopted three steps: